The Path of the Seekers

Player Holdings

Player Funds:

PP: 100

1GP: 27
5GP: 11
10GP: 36
25GP: 1
50GP: 1

Special: Ruby (300GP),

Yob: *Rope;(mw) light crossbow; crossbow +1 flaming bolts(4); bull’s strength potion; cure light wounds wand (28); crossbow bolts (40);

Tallie: 50ft silk rope; +1 hand axe; Torag ring (-10 fire dmg/1x day, +1 fire resist); (mw) shortbow;

April 1, 4810: Adventure 1 Hollows Last Hope
Adventure 1: Hollows Last Hope

April 1, 4810: Tali and Yob agree to assist in the protection of a small trade caravan bound for Falcon’s Hollow. During the long week of travel the caravan had been beset by raiders, brigands and thieves.

April 7, 4810: A large group of brigands attacked the caravan. One of the merchants became frightened and took off to the north. Garan, a member of the Pathfinders Society went ahead after him. The fighting was fierce and several mercenary guards and brigands were slain in the caravans defense.

April 9, 4810: A small group of desperate commoners attempt to steal from the caravan wagons. Tali and Yob fend them off successfully.

April 10, 4810: The caravan arrives relitively intact. Tali and Yob were each paid 300gp which they exchanged for gems and mounts. Soon after arriving they discover that all is not well in Falcon’s Hollow. A strange illness has done its work there.


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